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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to send a hard copy of the Feedback Form to school if I submitted it online?

No. Your child’s teacher will be able to access the Feedback Form online.

How will I know if the Feedback Form was actually submitted?

You can view your child’s parental involvement measures chart. The data from the Feedback Form is automatically added to your child’s parental involvement measures chart and is posted for the month submitted, along with past months. Also, you can view completed Feedback Forms and the data you submitted by selecting a past month on the Feedback Form page on the website. You will not be able to change this data once you have submitted it.

Can I print a Feedback Form after I submit it?

Yes. You can view the completed Feedback Form for the student you have submitted one for by selecting the month you wish to view/print from the drop-down box on the Feedback Form page. Then, click the ‘Print’ button at the bottom of the page.

What do I do if I lose or forget my User ID and password?

To recover your User ID or password, Go to the log-in page for the Parent Portal here and follow the steps for recovering the User Name or password.

When should the Feedback Form be submitted?

It should be submitted before the end of each month.

What do the measures mean?

The measures show the number of positive interactions between you and your child; you and your child’s teacher; your child’s mastery of the month’s character trait; your participation in the “I Care” Curriculum and community involvement in character development.