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User Guide for the “I Care” Parent Portal

Creating a New Account

View instructions for creating a new account.

To start creating a new account, click here. Follow the on-screen instructions. You will be prompted to indicate which state and school district your child is enrolled in. You will also select the school your child attends.

Logging In

In order to log into the “I Care” Parent Portal, go to the Log-In Page and enter your User Name and Password. Click the Log In button.

Recovering Your User Name or Password

To recover your user name and/or password, go to the Parent Portal Log-In screen. Click the link following ‘Forgot your password?’ titled ‘Retrieve it here’ and follow the instructions on the screen.

“I Care” Parent Portal Main Menu

View “I Care” Curriculum Files
All of the Curriculum Files associated with the children you are linked with are available using this link. The files include: Training Presentations, Parenting & Mentoring Activities, Positive Messages, Printable Feedback Forms, and more.

Add/Manage Student(s)
Use this screen to request links to students and to unlink or remove students from your account.

View Messages
This screen is used to view and reply to messages sent to you by your child’s teacher.

Update Personal Information
Use this screen to update your account information.

Individual Student Functions

Parent Feedback Form
Use this link to complete and fill out a Feedback Form for the month’s “I Care” Parenting Activities & Character Trait.

“I Care” Student Chart
Use this link to check the status of your parent participation in bar graph form.

Send Message to Teacher
This link will allow you to send a message through the Parent Portal system to your child’s teacher.

Viewing “I Care” Curriculum Files

Click the link titled ‘View “I Care” Curriculum Files’ from the Main Menu. Select the grade level that you wish to view. From the Grade Level Main Menu, you can view training presentations or view/print Parenting Activity Sheets and Positive Messages. To return to the Parent Portal Main Menu, click the link at the bottom of the page.

Adding & Managing Student(s)

Click the link titled ‘Add/Manage Student(s)’ from the Main Menu. Under the heading ‘Current Students & Pending Requests’ you will see students linked with your account as well as unlinked students that you have requested to be linked with your account.

To unlink a student from your account, click the ‘[Unlink]’ option below the student’s name. To remove a student from your account, click the ‘[Remove]’ option below the student’s name.

To request that another student be linked to your account, complete the information at the bottom of the page under the heading “Enter a School and Grade for One of Your Children.’ You will also type the name of the student in the box provided. Once you selected the School, Grade, and have typed in the student’s name, click the button ‘Request Student Link’ to complete the process.

Viewing & Replying to Messages from Teachers

To view and/or reply to messages sent to you by your child’s teacher, click the link labeled ‘View Messages’ from the Main Menu.

The “I Care” Parent Messages screen contains messages sent by you to your child’s teacher as well as messages received from your child’s teacher. To view the content of a message, click the heading for the message under the column labeled ‘Subject.’ You can delete any of the messages, but be cautioned that they cannot be retrieved once deleted. You can also reply to messages you have received from your child’s teacher by clicking the ‘Respond’ button.

Updating Your Personal Account Information

In order to update information for your account, click the ‘Update Personal Information’ link from the Main Menu. Here you can change your name, email address, user name, password, state, and school district.

Completing a Feedback Form

When you click the ‘Parent Feedback Form for . . . ’ link on the Parent Portal home page, an electronic version of the Feedback Form will appear on the screen. This form is pre-filled with the current month, as well as the student’s name, the current date, the character trait for the month, the teacher’s name, and the grade.

On the Feedback Form in the ‘Positive Teacher-Parent Contact’ box, select ‘Yes’ to indicate if your child’s teacher shared anything positive with you about your child during the month.

In the ‘Community Partnership’ box, select ‘Yes’ to indicate if your child heard about or saw the month’s character trait somewhere other than at home or at school during the month.

In the ‘School Provided Activities’ box, select the number of activities you completed with your child from the activities on the Character-Building Activity Sheet that was sent to you by the school.

In the boxes under the heading ‘Additional Activities,’ type in additional activities you did with your child during the month. These activities are different from the ones that were sent home from the school on the Character-Building Activity Sheet.

Once you have filled out the form, you may print it by clicking the button labeled ‘Print Form’ at the bottom of the form.

Click the ‘Send Form to School’ button in order to submit the feedback data. Failure to click this button will result in a loss of information you have input.